Personal Pairs

My interest in sneakers began around 2016 when i saw some Yeezy 350’s on YouTube. That is when i knew i liked sneakers.I had pretty good shoes before i got into the sneaker world but they were not really “HYPED”.My collection started with a pair of NMD’s in 2016 which i bought with my own money i collected from winning online gaming tournaments.


These were my first pair of sneakers that people actually could recognize what it actually was just by looking at it.I got them from myntra at a price of 15000 rs and it really was a very proud moment as I paid in whole for it.After getting these i got busy with college and more or less stopped getting new sneakers as i had other interests at that time as well (gaming).


You cannot go wrong with a pair of air forces. But these, these were something else. I really liked the deconstructed style of the shoe and i hadn’t “copped” in a while so i got them along with a friend from the Nike website for around 15000rs. People always ask “White shoes in India?” to which I say If you take care of them, it’ll be fine.It has some unique features like the Velcro strap on the side which can be used to tighten the shoe and the semi transparent material on the side which is a little see through. All these elements made this my first AF1.

Adidas YEEZY 350 V2 BLACK

I waited for these for almost 4 years.I knew I wanted them the first time I saw them in a video.They turned into a reality when they dropped in Mumbai on the 28th of November. I remember it was the last day of my exams so I couldn’t go personally to get them.So I got a friend from Chennai to get them for me. I remember getting done with the exam asap and checking my phone to see if he got them.I got these with a “small” loan from my dad. They costed me around 25,000 Rs but they resell around 40k Rs.My favorite detail is the 3M in the laces that shines when you take photos with the flash on.

Next Up

Off-White™ x Nike Air Presto

Nike Jordan 1 Retro High Obsidian

These have to be my “GRAILS” and i’m going to try my best to get one of these pairs for my next adventure on stockx. Ill need a HUGE “loan” from my dad for the off-white Prestos and you just need some Air Jordan 1’s in your collection.I usually grow out of my hobbies but I think iv’e got this hobby for life!